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Alternative Bands for Healthy Communities

The project BANDEMONIUM promotes the formation of music ensembles of wind & percussion instruments playing a more rhythmically exciting repetoire than is generally found in traditional bands. The project proposes to attract more young people to this tradition, so valuable to a communities' cohesion, through the promotion of a repertoire and performance ethic that better reflects modern tastes.

BANDEMONIUM takes as its model the many alternative bands growing throughout northern europe as well as the 'pep' bands accompanying many atheltic events across the north american continent. These groups play rhythmically exciting arrangements of popular themes, often incorporate improvisational elements and encourae original arrangements and composition. Their presentation esthetic is colorful, entertaining & engaging for their audiences, often times including theatrical elements.

The BANDEMONIUM workshops can be designed for any time frame from a single session of a few hours to an intensive 2 or 3 week course. The workshops can be done with an existing band or a mixture of players from varlous groups. Energetic and creative arrangements of pop, rock, soul, blues and R&B hits are presented in an ambient of 'serious fun'. Selections of the music of various band tradtions around the world such as Brazil, India, Africa, Serbia, Mexico, New Orleans and Peru also make up an important part of the work material.

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