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A World of Bands
World Music for Band Musicians

The project 'A world of Bands' explores some of the little known band traditions that have evolved around the world in former colonies where the idea of horn and percussion ensembles were introduced by European colonial powers.

India, Peru, Ghana, Brazil, Suriname, Bolivia, Mexico and Serbia all are homes to exciting indigenous band traditions radically different from the classically based western tradition. Brass Band music around the world is almost always party music, full of rhythm and beautiful melody played loud for religious and secular festivals, weddings and civic events held outdoors.

'A World of Bands' provides arrangements and transcriptions for a common band instrumentation and the opportunity for western bandsmen to experience the repertoires of their band colleagues around the world. History of each world tradition is provided along with sessions listening to various recorded examples. Screening of videos from leading researchers provide a deeper understanding of the daily realities of various world band traditions, how they rehearse and perform and how the musicians live.

The 'World of Bands' workshop is available for anything from 1 or 2 day sessions to a week or more of concentrated rehearsals directed toward a final presentation concert. Requirements include an instrumentation reasonably balanced between the various woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, instruments in good working order, music stands, a comfortable rehearsal room with reasonably dry acoustics and audio and video apparatus.

Cost: $250 p/day, travel, housing and 2 meals p/day


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