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Brass Bands

12-8 Path - Charles Keil's wonderful appreciation of community rhythm
Brass Monkey Brass Band - the great San Francisco band
Eigen Hulp - one of the great dutch alternative bands
Fanfare van de Eerste Liefdesnacht - musical community dynamism from Amsterdam
Hungry March Band - the New York voice in alternative bands
IG-Blech - the great group from Berlin
La Banda Gozona - the leading Oaxacan (Mexico) style banda in the Pacific Northwest. This is an interesting site because they offer a great selection of Oaxacan band music for a very fair price with proceeds supporting indigenous culture in Oaxaca!
La cybodega des fanfares Accueil - the mother of all alternative band sites. A good place to get lost in the world of alternative bands and practice your French. Includes many links for bands all around the world, valuable lists of recordings, printable music. Please spend some time here.
Honk Fest - THE North American gathering for alternative bands. The best clearing house yet for the american (& canadian) groups.
Quastenflosser - a swiss band
Rude Mechanical Orchestra - a crazy green band from New York
Shyam Brass Band - the premier Indian Brass Band
Soul Rebels - a great new voice from the New Orleans tradition
The Bollywood Brass Band - Englishmen spreading the excitement of the Brass Bands of India
The Brasshoppers - another great professional english band
The Carnival Band - the premier band for open air animations in Vancouver, Canada
The Extra-Action Marching Band - San Francisco embodied in a brass band (be careful!)
What Cheer? Brigade - great band from Providence, R.I.
Yellow Hat Band -
a beautiful site from a beautiful band in Seattle
Titubanda - romans with horns and drums
Top Dog Brass Band - a great jazz and funk band from Dresden
Youngblood Brass Band - super kickin' New Oleans Hip-Hop from Madison, Wisconsin
Zabumba Carnival Street Band - english samba group
Crab Grass Band - music for baseball and beer on the northcoast of California
Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band - major proponent of Serbian brass on the US East Coast
Slavic Soul Party -

Music Resources

All-Music Guide - the internet standard for general music information
Harmonic Dissidents - wiki for music for social justice
At-Tambur.com - a great site for portuguese folk music news
Banjo Hangout - Yes! Banjos!
Free Sheet Music Directory - the name says it
II Encontro de Tocadores - an important festival of traditional Portuguese music
Jazz Roots - a good page of information for jazz history
MP3.com - dedicated to our favorite digital format
Museu Nacional de Etnologia - an important resource for Portuguese folk culture
Partners in Rhyme - general music resource
Film Music - dedicated to television and film music
Old-Time Music - wonderful site without much wind music content
World Music Portal - a great site dedicated to world music
People's Music Network - a site for music with a social conscience
Internet Music Resources
BIMHUIS - the dutch center for creative music
Big Ears - on-line ear training
Vorbis - home of a great alternative to our favorite digital sound format
CDeX - a great resource for digital music
7th String Software - home of the best music transcribing software


College Bands

Arizona State
UC Davis - includes the best available list of marching bands here sadly not kept up but they seem to be rectifyng that situation
Washington State

University of Oregon
Oregon State
San Jose State
University of Pennsylvania
Troy State
UC San Diego
University of Virginia

General Culture