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With a firm belief in the positive benefits to a community of the lessons to be learned from making music together, Relevant Music is a space for the development and dissemination of ideas and material promoting the creative impulses in amateur musicians.

Alternatives to the tradition in any field enrich and strengthen the mother tradition and it is the intention of Relevant Music to add to the existing traditions of community music with information, examples and other materials exploring little known possibilities for amature music making.

The bias of this material toward wind and percussion bands will be more than evident. Bands involve greater numbers of people and because of their greater volume animate outdoor spaces more effectively than orchestras or choirs. Material and ideas applicable to community choirs and orchestras are always welcome and encouraged.

Comments and suggestions for improvement and dialogue of all kinds are always welcome and encouraged. Let's engage!

Publishing A wide variety of arrangements, transcriptions and compositions for large and small groups of wind and percussion are available here. Relevant Music continues to be the only known source for transcriptions of music from the vibrant non-western band cultures around the world.
Workshops descriptions of various workshops offered in creative
approaches to community music.

BiographyMore than most would ever want to know about Gregg Moore.
BandsHere you'll find appreciations of the various directions band alternatives have taken in Europe and North America as well as the forms brass bands have taken in post-colonial lands around the world.

Links A comprenhensive list of links to interesting information concerning community music, instruments, groups
ForumsHere (should be) forums to discuss instruments, repertoire, events, ideas and anything else we might imagine pertain to community music